Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ornaments Stay On The Tree

Just walking around the, la, la.

Please note the death grip on icicle ornament :).

For those of you wondering how my tree stays so beautifully symmetrical, I took the first picture in the morning...before Norrin got up. And actually, Norrin is very good at understanding that he can touch the ornaments, but they need to stay on the tree...most of the time. He likes to pull the teddy bear ornament that's Baby's First Christmas and its hard for my lil boy to resist the glittery balls. Although last night's fascination was with the icicles that I made from beads and wire. The part I find so funny is he sneaks around the tree and doesn't even look at the target (like a true pickpocket...has he found his calling?). In fact, he won't even look at me when he's up to no kid.
In other news, our bed wasn't delivered until almost 7 pm and they got half of it upstairs before we were told they didn't have the correct frame. Putting it on the floor would void the warranty, so Todd had them take it away until the proper frame was close, yet so far away :(. Then I spent fifteen minutes after they left, running around the house looking for Rolo (he was hiding under the couch, thank God)...both our cats have been testing the weather outside since we have so many people coming and going and its a constant fear since its cold and they have no hair. Hopefully, they'll remedy the situation promptly so we can get to sleeping much more comfortably.

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