Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Not Gut Our Whole House, While We're At It

So, yesterday was total chaos. For the first time ever, the guys working on our basement came at the time they said they would (9 am) and my cleaners came half an hour early (9:30 am). However, exactly 5 minutes before all this craziness ensued, I took a shower while Todd made breakfast in the kitchen, which is directly below our bathroom...and that's when a small chunk of the ceiling fell down. We had noticed the crack in our ceiling a few months before, but didn't think anything of it...our house is full of tiny cracks. This particular crack seems to be something we need to pay attention to. The small chunk was really no bigger than a silver dollar, so no one got hurt...except our bank account :). According to our contractor its a simple case of fixing the leak and hanging new drywall since the leak seems to have been going on for quite some time and there may be a mold situation (so not healthy for our lil family). I was honestly having nightmares of having to gut the whole bathroom and not being able to shower for a month...which would just bring me back to the time when Norrin was a newborn :). This is not something I'm not completely familiar with since we lived in an apartment where there was a leak from the apartment above ours. They ripped out our ceiling and it kind of stayed that way for at least a month. I really don't want to see that happen...especially since this gaping hole will be in my kitchen. Avery is gonna have himself one hell of a happy Christmas if problems like these keep arising. As for our lil basement project, they spent the day framing out the room and wiring the light switches and outlets. We came home and could truly start visualizing what the finished project will look like...its amazing and I'd totally be lying if I didn't say I love it. The room is going to be a good size and we still have a great closet/storage space. I am genuinely excited for this needed improvement. So, while all this craziness was going on, Todd (who took the day off), Norrin and I all escaped to Todd's parents' house. They fed us well in exchange for a little of Norrin's entertainment. He dances for them, climbs all over them, and basically wreaks havoc in their very nice, neat home. He doesn't pay any attention to Rita when she says no, but he did hand out his signature kiss...mouth wide open...before we left. He's still in a bit of a grouchy mode...the teeth are just taking their sweet lil time coming in...and Todd and I risked a total meltdown and took him to the mall for some Christmas shopping. I can't say we accomplished much, but even a few gifts is a start. When we got home, we decorated our tree while Norrin undecorated anything close to the bottom. It looks amazing, but I really love anything having to do with Christmas...the lights, the tree, the beautifully wrapped presents that I have no intention of leaving anyplace within Norrin's grasp. This year I didn't get to decorate as soon as I usually do, so I should probably leave the tree up until February to make up for it :). And that's about it. Hopefully, today is our bed delivery. Todd said they would call the night before and they didn't call...but I'm washing our new sheets in hope that we'll be sleeping on a cloud of softness tonight.

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