Friday, May 8, 2009

Conversations With Norrin

Yes, I need to get the battery charged in my camera...if for no other reason than to tape our latest conversations. Yesterday started a new conversation of Mommy asking who everyone is and Norrin having to answer. I asked who Todd was and he screams "Da!", I asked who I am and he says, "Maaaaa" (emphasis on on the "a" sound...kind of a weird accent for my name...hmmm) and I asked who he was and he says "Norrrr-eeeen" all sing-songy and cute. I ate it up with a spoon and probably asked him these questions twenty times yesterday. Poor lil guy humored his MAAAAA. We walked around New Hope yesterday...until it rained. Then, we took cover in a toy store. Norrin saw a baby doll and said, "Baaa-byyyy" (loves to use a sing song voice...I wonder where he gets that from). There was a toy bottle next to the baby doll and he held it in his arms and fed the doll a bottle. I was a little shocked at how natural this was. He does get bottles, but not when I'm this a sign that he's ready for a sibling? We only stayed in this store for a short period of time. The lady behind the counter was so rude that I decided I'd rather get soaked in the rain. Norrin and I huddled under the umbrella and ran to the car. My pants were soaked, but we played in the car, watched the rain and had some snacks...goldfish crackers and water...Mommy really needs to improve her snack stash. After our adventure, he took a three hour nap and was full of energy for when Da came home. We had our usual art night, but Norrin didn't have the attention span for it. I got some sculpture toys for him and he was content to play with those (kind of like odd shaped, brightly colored tinker toys). I know that Todd and I benefit from these family art nights. Its a quiet time that gives us all a chance to gather around a table and get messy :). We aren't consistent about eating dinner around the table, so this is a nice alternative that seems to suit our family. Norrin loves playing with all the different mediums and he has learned to grab whoever isn't sitting at the table and insist rather loudly that he or she "Draw!". I love it.

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