Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure I've Aged Ten Years...

in the last 24 hours. Yesterday we went to Steve and Anne Marie's. I was looking forward to it. They have a beautiful pool and a fabulous supply of cupcakes :). Norrin loved looking at the floats in the pool, so we got our suits on within minutes of getting there. We started by sticking our toes in the water. Then, Norrin pushed me to get into the pool...okay, the temperature was perfect. Then, I coaxed him in and swirled him around and he laughed...he loved it. Then, after watching the big kids jump in, he worked up the nerve to jump from the edge into my arms...very cute. Then, after a couple of more times, he just decided to throw himself in wherever, regardless of where Mommy was standing. He even stubbed his toe pretty bad, but he kept throwing himself in...near the stairs, near the deep end, whatever. Finally, I just couldn't take it. I handed him off to Todd. It was too much for my heart to take...and he's a pretty big boy for this Mama to be catching constantly. For the record, Todd and I also just finished watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...and as Todd said, "that movie should come with a warning". Both of us were crying by the end of it and I cried some more the next day...absolutely heartbreaking and it makes you want to hold onto your child with both hands. After his adventures in the pool...this mama found a quiet spot for some meditative knitting in the hopes of returning my blood pressure to normal...I got him dressed, brought him inside and hoped he would watch TV quietly. He didn't. He wanted to play with Conor's train tracks, which upset Conor because Norrin tore his track apart and walked off with two of his trains that were neatly lined do you teach a 1 1/2 year old not to break other people's stuff? I made one more attempt to get him to watch TV, he ran off, I ran after him and by the time I caught up with him, he had hit his head on something in the dining room...don't ask me what...he's quick and it happened before I got around the corner. Now he has matching eyebrow wounds. This one didn't require my medical was a clean edged cut that only bled enough to convince me that it was time to go home. I love my child's confidence...its something I've never had...I've always been afraid...of heights, of meeting new people, of just about everything unknown...and because of that, I don't understand him very well. I want to nurture that, keep that spirit alive and also keep him alive...and minimally injured :). I have pictures from our aquarium trip that I need to publish. Other than that, we'll see what other adventures we have this week...again, hopefully, with minimal injury.

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