Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gloomy Weather

Yesterday was an odd day. Norrin took his nap from 10:30 am- noon. And rather than repeat the stress of the last time he took a nap that early...I decided to get him out of the house as soon as he woke up. He woke up, I got him dressed, we had some leftover Chinese food for lunch and it was off to the Please Touch Museum. We got a membership so its "free" for two kids and two adults and it includes parking. This is the third time I've gone, so its already paid for itself. Plus Norrin really loves it and with the weather being so disagreeable, it was the best place to escape. When we got to the parking lot, I put Norrin in his mei tai carrier piggyback-style and before we made it halfway across the parking lot, a mommy was stopping me to ask about the carrier. It is a beautiful carrier made by Tonjia of Divas n Babes and I swear I need to start carrying cards around for her because I really don't make it very far without someone stopping me to admire it. I just like that it keeps my lil man from running away from me while I'm checking us into the museum. Norrin ran all over the place. They just got the giant piano from the movie "Big" and Norrin ran back and forth on that thing at least fifty times. He also more or less threw himself into the water play area. The smocks are too big for him (and its not like he would keep it on), so I always bring an extra shirt for him. He was totally soaked...but he loved it. He was also very fascinated with the Three Bears' house on this trip. He tried every bed at least four times. He would lie down and pretend to snore...it was pretty cute. Then, we decided to make our way home...in rush hour traffic. With the slow drive and the dark, rainy weather, Norrin fell asleep again...for two more hours. I picked up Starbucks before I went home because I just knew he was going to sleep for a long time and with a second nap under his belt, I knew it was going to be a late night. He went to bed at 11 pm...and that was with huge effort. Today, I got him out of the house early. The cleaners were here and I don't like to be underfoot if I don't have to be. We went to visit Da at the bank. Norrin has become very daddy-oriented. After playing with Todd for a good half an hour, we had to leave and Norrin cried like his little heart had been broken in two. We went to Walmart...yes, Rita, all by myself...and weird people talked to me...which is why I don't like going there...even though the prices are excellent. Norrin ran around while I picked up some more sewing odds and ends. When it was time to go, I put him in his carrier again and we were out the door quite efficiently (love my carrier). I thought he'd fall asleep in the car, but he didn't. So, we shared some cheese and crackers, watched his Baby Einstein World Animals DVD and then he was ready to settle down. Now I'm knitting and wishing it was nicer outside. This rainy weather has put a chill in our bones and its making our usual days seem so off somehow. It might be a soup kind of night...

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