Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Adventures

So, I have yet to charge our camera which means lots of writing and no pictures to back it up :). Tuesday night, Todd picked up Panera and we had hot soup for dinner...exactly what we needed. Norrin was overjoyed that his daddy was home. He stood at the window and screamed "Da!" when Todd got out of his car. Then, he climbed off the little footstool and ran to the top of the stairs so he could watch him come in the door. Todd got lots of hugs, kisses and attention and I told him I now know how he felt all those months before...there's a little twinge of jealousy mixed in with the relief of not being constantly needed. We had a nice long family art time after dinner. Todd and Norrin drew with just about every medium they could get their hands on and I sat at the table with them and knitted. There was also some dancing and a game of tag followed by a big bowl of oatmeal and a little TV time to wind us all down. Norrin still fought sleep...he's making it to almost 11 pm most nights...but with the oatmeal in his belly, he sleeps like a rock until 9 am. I was up at 6:30 am for some more knitting :). Then, I got Norrin dressed and took him to get his haircut. That child's hair grows like a weed and it was getting to the point where he couldn't see past his bangs. After that I took him a little farther down Byberry Road to Mason Mills Park. One of the girls I work with suggested it and I'm so glad she did. Its a cute, beautifully maintained park with a playground, a little miniature town Norrin can ride his bike through (once he gets the hang of that), a walking path, tons of open fields and tall trees...everything you could ever want in a park. We climbed all over the jungle gym, took a walk, splashed in some puddles (I always bring a change of clothes), said hi to some geese, picked dandelions, rolled down a hill, threw some sticks down the hill and ultimately just had a blast being outside. Norrin cried when it was time to go, but our snacks were eaten and it was after 1 pm. I thought there would be a nap in his future...I was wrong. Norrin decided when we got home, he was going to dig through his toy box. Most days he ignores his toy box. Then, I tried to take a bath with him to calm him down. He kicked, he splashed, he insisted we go back downstairs. So, we watched some cartoons until finally, at 4 pm, he was tired. He curled up into my lap and fell asleep. And slept for almost three hours! Todd came home, made dinner, I crunched right over the top of Norrin's head...he slept through it all....unbelievable. He woke up around 7:15 pm and since we knew sleep was a long time away, we went to IKEA. We bought a lamp to hang over our art table. Since we're using it so frequently...every night...we need some better lighting in that corner of the room. After we got home, we tried some oatmeal and cartoons, but Norrin was still a bundle of energy. At 11 pm, after reading a few stories and several attempts at nursing him, I decided to leave the room. Norrin didn't cry, he didn't need me and I knew it...he fell asleep in his daddy's arms. Its the cutest thing when those two fall asleep cuddled together. They both tilt their head in the same direction, they both snore (one a little louder than the other), they even position their arms the same way (hands up!). If I wasn't so gosh darn tired, I would've watched them all night. I love my family.

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