Monday, May 18, 2009

Norrin's Weekend

Not a lot of words today. Todd took some great pictures over the weekend. I love coming home to a happy family and a camera full of pictures. Todd takes so many great shots, which makes it really hard to be picky...but I swear I chose the bare minimum. Besides, who doesn't want to see tons of pictures of our beautiful boy?

Bath time.

Love that face...totally looks like Todd there.

Brushing his teeth naked on the stairs...hmmm.

Stop with the pictures and draw with me, Da!

Jeep given to us by one of our very generous neighbors.

Sometimes its just easier to get out and push.

Soooo thirsty!

Time for a break.

Quiet nursing moment with Mommy.

Sunday walk with Da...the Pooh Bear push-n-ride from our sweet friends, the Wheelers.

Making friends with a neighborhood dog.

Sloppy dog kisses.

Sleeping at Grandmom and Grandpop Milligan's.

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