Saturday, September 13, 2008

2nd Anniversary

Yesterday was my two year wedding anniversary with Todd. As some of you may remember, it was supposed to be the 13th, but thanks to a little old hurricane, not only was I not a Bermuda bride, but I was married a day early :). Todd took a half day and we went out to Bonefish Grille with Norrin...which was pretty comical. Bonefish is pretty nice and there's our child flinging his food like he was at Friendly's or something :). Norrin did sample a little calamari and he didn't spit it out, but his favorite was the vanilla ice cream Daddy shared with him (well, he was grown on plenty of ice cream in utero). That combined with a disco nap in the car had Norrin rockin' out until 10:30 last night. All in all not the most romantic anniversary, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love having my two men with me...its a constant source of entertainment and Todd is such a loving Daddy. I totally put Norrin on his side of the table and left Todd in charge of feeding him (my little nursling would have been pulling at my shirt the whole meal...he knows where the good stuff is). Today we're going to take a drive to Peddler's Village for the Scarecrow Festival. I rarely get a weekend with Todd and Norrin (damn work schedule) so we're trying to pack it full of family fun. I'm curious to see how Norrin reacts to the scarecrows...he wasn't scared of the Easter Bunny...or fireworks...or the talking Halloween displays in Target. I'll have to take plenty of pics.

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