Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moms Group Mayhem

Today was Moms Group at Kate's. I love taking Norrin there b/c he naps in the car and since he hasn't been stuck with Mommy all day, he's much more pleasant in the evening (even Mommy can get a little boring). Today he was a He played nicely for a large portion of the time, but he had many mini breakdowns. I can't tell if he's sensing that I'm going back to work this weekend or if its just the truly magical age he's at. I spent a lot of the time picking him up, trying to soothe him, putting him down only to pick him up five seconds later. Besides that, we had a great time. Kate has a dog that Norrin loves so much it makes his hands shake. He says "DAH!" every time he sees her...close enough to "dog", I suppose. And since Kate has a lovely open floorplan, Norrin was walking all over the place. He hasn't learned to share very nicely with the other kids and I feel horrible every time my little unruly child takes something away from someone else's kid. None of the other kids have tried to take a swing at him yet, but I won't be surprised when that happens. Speaking of swings, we also took a ride on the swing in Kate's backyard before we left. Norrin loves that...mostly b/c he likes the breeze on his face. The higher I pushed him, the more he laughed. Then, less than five minutes into the car ride home, I hear him chewing on one of his toys...when I look back there he's gnawing the fuzz right off the Philly Phanatic doll his Daddy bought for him. Needless to say, Mommy took that toy away from him. Now we're back home and Norrin is in a much better mood. He's already terrorized our cat, Rolo and climbed the couch. I managed to get a little cantaloupe into him, which is amazing since he doesn't have an interest in eating lately...walking is just too much fun, I guess. And now he's emptying everything out of the desk drawer while I sit here typing. Never a dull moment with this crazy, little man.

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Amy Mae said...

I hope he slept for you on the way home! It was great seeing you, and thank you so much for the onesie for Caroline! I LOVE it (and the box!).