Monday, October 6, 2008

Blue Monday

Just one more twelve and then I get three days off...I can do it...I think I can, I think I can. Today Grandmom Milligan is coming over to watch Norrin. She recently offered to start watching him on the weekday that I work. None of us were very happy with how Norrin wasn't adjusting to his new classroom and I was not liking his care as much. The last time he was there he was only fed lunch. Norrin is in daycare for a minimum of ten hours and he's been on solids for 6 months now...there is no reason why he shouldn't have been given at least a snack. So, after a little bit of discussion, we decided it would be better for everyone if Grandmom Milligan came to watch him. Norrin will be much happier with family, I feel calmer knowing that he's with someone who will love him and only him and Todd's credit card can take a break from the ridiculous amount of money they charged for the three days a month Norrin was there. There was some cloth diapers for she said, "you can save the planet on your own time" :) and I told her that if this becomes work, she needs to let us know. I don't believe grandchildren should be work...the grandparents raised their children, their work is done and they should just get to have fun with their grandchildren. Other than that, I'm completely overjoyed that I am not ripping my infant from his warm bed and throwing him into the cold carseat this morning. I am totally thrilled that he will not be neglected at daycare today. And I'm so freakin' relieved that my happy baby will be back to himself because he gets to play with Grandmom all day. Now if we could just get pass this teething business, we'd be all set :).

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