Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Shoes and Crazy Weather

Yesterday was some crazy weather. First it was raining, then it was snowing. The wind ripped through every layer I had on and it was just all in all yucky outside. So, of course, I decided to take my kid to the mall for some shoes. His Grandmom Milligan bought him his first pair of Nikes and I bought him some faux Crocs from Target, but he was having problems walking in both of those, so I decided to have him professionally measured. He needs rubber soled shoes for all this nasty weather and I was desperate to get him shoes that wouldn't make him trip :). I went to Stride expensive decision ($40), but the right one. They measured his feet and he had a new pair within minutes. Afterwards he spent a good half an hour running around in the new shoes around the fountain in Willow Grove falls. The employees at Stride Rite were really good with him and the shoes are really cute (now if only they could do something about the price). After some exercise around the fountain, we got back in the car and out into that terrible weather to get some lunch at Allways Cafe. I love, love, love their food and its butternut squash soup time! Norrin loved the soup and I shared some of my sweet potato quesadilla with him. He held it together quite nicely even though he wanted to continue running around in his new shoes :). The car ride is half an hour and Norrin loved it. Now that he's forward facing, he can see everything and the snow was so exciting to him. He talked the whole drive home. It was just such a great outing...even though I know I'm a little crazy to be out in that kind of weather. Today is our weekly visit with Grandmom and Grandpop Milligan. Its almost 8:30 am and the lil guy is still in bed, so this might be a later visit (I time it for after his morning nap...whenever that should occur). Todd is still in bed, too. I'm the only fool who doesn't sleep in :). I had to pack a bag this morning for Norrin. I'm working on Halloween so I want to make sure Grandmom Milligan has all the supplies she needs for Norrin to make his way around her neighborhood. I've included our camera b/c I want lots of pics of my lil giraffe. I hate that I'm missing out on it, but it is what it is...better Halloween than Christmas :).

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