Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photo Day

Today the cleaners came...which means I have to get cash...which means Norrin and I take a walk to the Wawa down the street (its nice until the weather gets too cold). Norrin usually falls asleep on the way back...I snuggle him close in his mei tai carrier and all the sounds of the neighborhood knock him out cold :). After the cleaners leave, Norrin makes a total mess of all his toys and books that they take the time to stack so nicely. Then, we have lunch. Today there was a new element...I took Norrin to Babies R Us for some professional photos. Its been three months since his last photo session there and I have to keep the pictures updated. When I got there, it was chaos. I hadn't anticipated how many people would be there for pre-holiday photos. Surprisingly, they could fit us in at 1:30 pm...an hour from the time we got there and dangerously close to Norrin's naptime. I agreed thinking there was no way in hell I was going to dress this child up again tomorrow when I had him there now. For the hour, I let him run wild in the aisles of Babies R Us. He threw books off the shelves, carried toys from one aisle to another and ultimately made a complete and total mess. Norrin's Uncle Jim got us a gift card, so I was able to get him his first Crayola markers (washable, non toxic and shaped like some freaky lil creatures). Finally, just as Norrin was reaching his breaking point...and I was reaching mine....they called us overhead for his photos. I thought for sure I was pushing my luck, but as soon as they busted out that feather duster, he smiled like the happy baby he generally is. The photos were great and I hope to never see that place again...at least not for another three months :).

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