Monday, October 27, 2008

Whole Foods Baby & Toddler Festival

Today I took Norrin to Whole Foods, which is something I do at least once every two weeks...but today was special. Today they had the Baby & Toddler Festival! First, I had the Abington Police Department check my carseat. I just turned it to front facing and they were doing free checks and I never pass up something free :). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I'm pretty darn good at installing a carseat. Then, we watched Tonjia's presentation (from Divas n Babes) on baby carriers. This was my first time meeting her in person and it was funny b/c she recognized Norrin from his carrier before I even introduced him. Then, we watched a baby food demonstration. Norrin is on solids, but he wanted to nurse and the seats were comfortable and while we were sitting there, they gave us a free sample. It was a blend of spinach, mango and pear and it was yummy (yes, I sampled a little of it myself). Norrin liked it so much, he allowed me to spoon it into his mouth, which never happens now that he's in his "I can do it myself" mode. We even had a second helping...since they were offering :). At that point, nap time had come and gone and Norrin wasn't going to tolerate any more time in Whole Foods, no matter how many free samples they handed to him. It was a wonderful way to spend our morning.

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