Monday, October 20, 2008

Norrin's First Birthday Party

My baby is one year old! He had a great time at his bday party on Saturday. His cousins fed him cookies, cheese doodles and pizza name a few things. He didn't completely demolish the cupcake like we thought he would, but he still put on a pretty good show :). He fought with Amy's son, Henry over every toy, but only after Keith, Amy's other son, "helped" him open his gifts (I've never seen a child open gifts so quickly...Keith, not Norrin). He was carried around by his cousins and took great pleasure in beating up Stevie usual :). Mommy and Daddy didn't really exist for him at the party...there were too many kids to play with. It was a great time and now that its over, I just can't believe my baby is one!

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