Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Many Teeth Does An 11 Month Old Need?

We are currently going through another bout of teething...God help us. The first two signs were the runny nose and the bib of drool. Then I saw a huge purple blister on Norrin's gums. Two nights ago Norrin woke up at 3 am and tossed and turned until 4:30 am. And finally, yesterday he refused to nap and cried and whined all day long. I hate using medication to comfort my child...I would rather nurse him all day or feed him vanilla ice cream than give him Tylenol. However, we reached a new level of pain yesterday and I did end up giving him one dose of Tylenol before bed. He slept soundly through the night and woke up happy this morning. I've heard that the molars are horrible for babies so I'm trying not to be too stingy with the Tylenol :). Yesterday, Rita and I went to Babies R Us with two goals in mind- to find a Halloween costume and an outfit for Norrin's first birthday photo. We left the store with a lot more though. Norrin is going to be a giraffe this year. I put the costume on him last night and he looks absolutely adorable. We also found a cute argyle sweater vest and socks to go with a collared shirt and tweed pants for his birthday photo outfit. Then, the chaos of shopping with an 11 month old ensued. We went to the chair section and tried to convince Norrin that the tasteful brown rocking chair was the way to go, but he was fixated on the most outrageous Elmo chair. It was so bad that we actually had to clear out the back of the cart, put the chair in and put Norrin in the was the only way we could convince him that the chair was coming with us, so please stay calm while we continue to shop. Then we went to the shoe son has huge feet! He is a size 6! I thought it was a fluke, so I put his foot in one of the measuring things and his big toe was hanging over the edge of the 5 1/ he's a stinkin' 6! Grandmom Milligan bought him his first pair of Nikes. We put them on and he was a little freaked out by his first pair of hard soled shoes...he walked around like Frankenstein...but he'll need them for the colder weather. We also got three more Baby Einstein videos, a winter coat and a xylophone. It was amazing that we showed such restraint, but Norrin has a short attention span for shopping these days. Other than that, he's added ba-bye to his vocabulary. That's in addition to dada, mom (yes, he says mom, not mother will appreciate that), dog and ball. And that's about it. Its a nonstop adventure here :).

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