Friday, February 13, 2009

Back To Work...Le Sigh

So, we had a great week! I was concerned with how busy it was going to be, but it all worked out just fine. Monday was My Gym. I had Norrin say goodbye to all the toys, all the other kids, to the teachers. I had them stamp his hands while I got his coat on him. I had Norrin show me the monkey on his hand as we walked to the car and got into the car seat. Lots of extra work...but no tantrums. He slept two and a half hours at nap time and spent the rest of his evening being happy and energetic :). On Tuesday, we visited Daddy at work while the cleaners were cleaning up our disgraceful mess of a house. We also went to the craft store so Mommy could get some more knitting needles...I think I have about three projects going at once right now...Norrin did great with all these outings. On Wednesday, I had my final dentist appointment. I got my permanent crown and a filling for the only cavity I had. Norrin played with Grandmom and Grandpop Milligan outside in the 66 degree weather, took a three hour nap and still got to bed before ten. On Thursday, we had Moms Group. Norrin didn't care for the hour drive to Kate's...he fussed for the last twenty minutes, but when we got there, he ignored me almost completely and played with the other kids. After an hour and a half of running around, I put him in the car and he was out in less than five minutes. He woke up a little rough because he was still in his car seat and didn't realize where he was, but all in all he woke up a happy boy. We only had a few tantrums and all of them coincided with Norrin being sleepy...either around nap time or bedtime. He's been eating very well all week and he loves to be active, so the break in the cold weather afforded us some outdoor time. All in all, a very nice week :). Below are some pics Todd took over last weekend. When I'm not working, Norrin wanders out of the bedroom, climbs into my lap and nurses himself awake. When he's with Daddy, he has to work on it himself. Todd says he's funny because he stands with his back against a wall and rubs his eyes until he wakes up. I just love his hair in the morning.

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