Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Update

So, I'm back to work this morning. For the entire week, Todd and I have put in the extra effort to create a routine bedtime for Norrin. Norrin gets dinner around 5-6 pm, we take him up for a bath around 7:30-8, we brush his teeth, we read him stories and then its lights out around 8:30-9:30. The latest he's fallen asleep has been close to ten and that was the night I was out with Megan. And as for the tantrums...we really only had one at dinner time and I think it was because he was tired more than anything else. So, despite my free-spirited, hippy dippy ways, this whole routine/schedule thingy has been working out for everyone. Norrin has been more pleasant, Todd has been going to sleep the same time as Norrin (so he actually seems quite rested these days) and I've been depriving myself of some sleep to stay up and blog or knit :) (which gives me some "me time" without cutting into family togetherness time). We also started Norrin on some solo bathing time and he loves it. He has the whole tub for himself and a ton of toys. I put in a new foamy, nonslip mat which he seems to like (I guess it does make that hard tub more comfortable) and he would play in there for at least an hour if we let him. I worry about bathing him too much in this cold, dry weather, but he really loves his tub time and I can always try to get a little moisturizer on him...although I kind of feel like I'm wrestling with a greased pig :). Now will come the true test...can we keep this routine going through the weekend? We'll see if his bedtime stays the same with Mommy coming home so late...keep your fingers crossed for us.

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Amy Mae said...

Don't tell my mom I said so, but schedules actually WORK! And are WONDERFUL - Hen goes to bed at 7 now with Keith right behind him at 8. Peace and quiet. It's a good thing.