Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tumultuous Tuesday

Norrin after his bath...in his NY Giants jammies...so cute...if only he'd hold his legs still long enough for me to get them on!

After his bath...I'm trying to see his expression in our hall mirror...he was pretty mad!

Today I woke up to a house that was 59 degrees...yes, our heater was not working...again. So, Norrin and I layered up and escaped to Grandmom and Grandpop Milligan's house. I wish I could say that today was tantrum free...but it wasn't. Rita and Joseph got to witness the absolute insanity that has become my life. Norrin even saved up enough energy for a stellar performance while his Uncle Jim was over. Rita says he doesn't behave that way with her or Joseph...just me and Todd. I'm glad he doesn't act that way with them. I wouldn't wish that behavior on anyone. Our heater was fixed before we came home. Norrin took a nap, a good nap (an hour and a half). We had a nice dinner...that ended in a tantrum because I wouldn't let him squish his hands in a bowl of corn (it was the corn for the whole table, not his individual corn). That one was bad because he ran into one of Rita's metal dining room chairs. He now has a bruise on his forehead...one of the many. But that was the last one. Norrin didn't fight Todd when he went to put him in his car seat. We ran a bath for him when we got home and at first he didn't seem interested in getting in the tub, but after I threw in so many toys you could barely see the bottom of the tub, he jumped right in and stayed there for quite some time. He screamed when I put the hood of his towel up...he doesn't like anything covering his head. Todd took a picture of this which only made Norrin madder, but he didn't throw a tantrum (despite how the picture looks). Then, I got him in his NY Giants jammies (Mommy's choice, not Daddy's). We read Goodnight Moon and turned out the lights. Norrin was extremely restless and it took him a good twenty minutes to settle down and fall asleep. I chalked it up to the amount of sugar he got at the grandparents' house. I normally cut his juice supply off around 6 pm. Norrin got an unlimited supply of juice (baby juice, but even that has some sugar in it) and Rita shared a fruit cup with him around 7 pm and Norrin loves to drink the syrup out of the cup (pure sugary sweetness...makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it). Oh, well. What are grandparents for if not to spoil their grandchildren? He still managed to fall asleep before ten. The real test will be tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment (its taking many a visit to fix the damage I've done over the past five years), then I'm going to the spa and out to dinner with my dear friend, Megan. So, the boys will be on their own. I know Todd can handle it though. Oh and I should probably amend the last post...Todd entertained Norrin for half an hour last night...it only felt like ten minutes.


Amy Mae said...

My mom ALWAYS says "Henry never acts like that when he's around us - only when he's with you!"

lilpixie said...

Its a real boost to your parenting ego, isn't it?