Monday, February 23, 2009

A Great Morning

Norrin woke up at 8:30 I had some time to get a giant cup of coffee into my system. Things started out a lil rough...for the Mommy, not the lil man. I have a hard time getting back into the role of Mommy after three days at work. My body aches like I've been at the gym all weekend, I'm really sleepy and things aren't where they were on Thursday. I'm just very disoriented. Anyway, when Norrin got up, I got him dressed, threw some things in the diaper bag and we were on our way. I needed to stop by the shoe store before his My Gym class. I knew his shoes were a little snug, but I had no idea just how snug until I got to the shoe store and they took out the measuring thingy. Norrin's feet have grown an entire size and a half! My lil munchkin is a size seven! In fact, the shoe store guy told me that I need to come back in two months to have him measured again. Apparently, a baby's feet (or my baby's feet anyway) grow very quickly. I felt like the worst Mom in the world for basically binding my child's feet...well, what can I say?...he's the first pancake :). He sure does look spiffy in his new shoes though. After that, we went to My Gym and Norrin was the perfect child. He shared with the other kids, he chased after a ball that one of the little girls dropped and handed it to her, he didn't hit anyone and he had zero, yes, zero meltdowns. I still had to ask him to show me his hand stamps in order to get his coat on, but even that wasn't a major production. Now he's napping calmly while I get some laundry done (gotta have clean clothes for NY). We're leaving on Wednesday when Todd gets home from work. I purchased a DVD player for the car. I'm not a huge promoter of these things, but its a lot to ask a child to sit still in a car seat for five hours with nothing to do. If it was light outside, Norrin could entertain himself with books, but there's very little to do in the dark. Other than figuring out how the new DVD player works, I'm in charge of getting snacks for the road and packing us up. So, the next two days should be pretty busy. I'm hyper-organized about these trips and make at least two lists of all our necessities. I find its really important to make sure everyone has what they need to be as comfortable as possible. Not easy when you're guessing what a 16 month old needs...other than to run wild and free (not really an option, Norrin). So, keep your fingers crossed for us...we might need it :).

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