Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday's Adventures

The finished product!

My reluctant model.

Well, I finished my first wool soaker. Norrin was in bed by 9:30 pm and I stayed up until midnight finishing the edges (which required me to learn a little bit of crocheting) and sewing on some buttons. I had Norrin try it on this morning and I need to reposition some of the chunky monkey needs a little more room in the waist...but, all in all, I really like it! Taking up knitting has just been such a great joy. I can work on projects whenever time and Norrin allow and its amazing to see this beautiful, wearable thing come into existence right before my eyes. I'm still pretty slow, but its a lot of fun and I find it very calming :). Anyway, Norrin had to go to his grandparents' house today. I tried to keep him entertained at home as long as possible, but he was starting to become a lump on the couch, so it was time to go. Once we got to Grandmom and Grandpop Milligan's house, he wouldn't nap. Grandmom helped him feed the birds out one of the windows...she throws the seeds onto the roof and Norrin can watch them while standing on the back of one of her couches :). Today Norrin took the whole cup of seed and poured it was pretty funny...he wasn't tolerating just being allowed to throw it out by the handful. Then, Grandmom had to take him downstairs so I could sneak out the front door. I keep thinking there's got to be a better way. I hate sneaking out on him...but he really doesn't take kindly to his parents leaving...even with an extensive explanation and lots of kisses :). I met Todd to have our taxes done. Yes, I married a banker and yes, we pay someone else to do our taxes...and I will be the first to say that its so much better to have someone else do them. No fear of human error (on our part) and Todd and I can just throw our pile of paperwork at her and she gets to figure it all out...completely stress free. Our return wasn't as healthy as we would have liked, but with all the fixing of this and that nothing really seems like enough :). Todd and I did go out to dinner afterwards...twice in one week without Norrin...I can't say I don't feel a little bit guilty, but it certainly has been nice to eat a relaxed meal with my hubby. Right now Todd is picking Norrin up from Grandmom and Grandpop's and I just finished prepping for tomorrow. Three more days of work and then I'm off for 11 days. I wish I could say it will be a relaxing break, but I'm getting in my car again and driving to NY again with a 16 month old...yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. Todd is planning on coming with me, so I won't suffer alone, but its certainly a test of our marriage. At least, Todd and I are looking forward to the coffee and chocolate combo...nothing like driving on major highways while on a serious sugar and caffeine high :). Wish us luck!

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