Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Presidents' Day- My New Favorite Holiday

So, my Valentine's Day sucked...and not just because I had to work. Norrin woke up about 30 minutes before I left for work and normally, I can nurse him back to sleep before I leave...but not this time. I had to hand him off to Todd and he cried and cried while I got dressed and sprinted for the door. My nerves were shot before I even got in the car...and I knew he would be fine once I was gone. At work, every single patient had something seriously wrong...missing consent forms, coming to the O.R. with jewelry (a huge no-no), seriously ill. It was a disaster of a day and it just went on and on for the twelve straight hours that I was there. I was on the brink of crying the entire time. It wasn't pretty. Then, I call Todd to let him know that I am finally coming home only to find out that something was wrong with our electricity. I came home to a cold house (the starter for our heater was one of the electric thingys that was out) and a refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen with an extension cord stretching to the nearest working outlet (thank goodness some of the house was still functioning...I had just gone grocery shopping). Todd was in a horrible mood and rightfully so and I was just so tired from my horrific day that I didn't know what to do. Norrin took one look at both of us and started going back and forth giving us kisses. He really is amazing...to understand that Mommy and Daddy are having a rough night and to lift our mood with something as cute and loving as sloppy baby kisses. We ordered pizza and snuggled close together in bed. Sunday wasn't as bad...I had Monday to look forward to and the electrical issues were being fixed. Todd was off on Monday and we could be together as a family. We went to the My Gym together. Norrin hit another little boy in the head with a plastic ball from the ball pit. The kid cried and his grandmother acted like my kid had ripped her grandchild's arm off. Todd seriously thought this kid had a broken arm. We didn't know what to do. The overreaction really threw us for a loop. As we watched this child interact, we noticed that he was just an easily upset child and while our kid shouldn't have hit him with a ball, this kid was going to cry at everything. Afterwards, Todd let me know that Rita was coming over to watch Norrin and we were going to Bonefish Grille (yay!). We had gift cards and the meal was fantastic. It was really strange not watching everything on the table for grabby lil hands and Todd said it was weird to savor a meal. I told him I couldn't believe I was eating my food while it was still hot. After we got back and Todd had taken Rita home, he had another surprise for me. We were going to a bed and breakfast in Bensalem called the Salem Creekside Inn. Its ten minutes from our house, but they made it such a beautiful retreat that you would think you drove ten hours to get there. I threw some stuff into an overnight bag and we put Norrin in his car seat and we were there in no time. Todd laughed because the second I saw the Inn, I just blurted out that I loved it. Its amazing what they did with the landscaping. Even at night, its so welcoming. They gave us the third floor suite with a separate kitchenette and a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. The first thing we did was fill the tub and pile in. Norrin found the button for the jets and scared the hell out of me by turning it on...then he kept hitting the button (high, medium, low, off...high, medium, low, off). Who needs tub toys when you have a jacuzzi tub to play with? We read some stories and then both Norrin and Todd were out for the count. I, however, was having tooth pain from the stupid tooth they filled last Wednesday. At 12:30 am, Todd asked me if I was okay and I told him my tooth hurt and I didn't think to pack any Tylenol. My amazing and wonderful husband got out of bed, got dressed and drove to Wawa for me....at 12:30 in the morning! Once I had the Tylenol, I was able to sleep. This morning, we went downstairs and Bill, the innkeeper made us a fabulous breakfast...blackberries and strawberries with vanilla yogurt, coffee, orange juice, cheese omelets, seasoned potatoes, whole grain toast with butter and jelly...it was heaven. Norrin wouldn't settle down past the berry course, so Todd and I took turns eating. They have a hot tub and a koi fish pond in the adjoining room. Norrin loved feeding the fish. We also took him around the grounds to explore. It was freezing outside, but nothing can stop our child from exploring nature...he just loves it. The Inn is right by the river and even though its also right by route 13, they've made it feel like its very secluded. It was a perfect day. When we got home, Todd had to go back to work and Norrin and I settled in for a two hour nap. Normally it takes me until Wednesday to feel this calm. It was such a nice adventure.

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