Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mommy's Day Out

Tub Time!

Out Cold!

Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment, then I met my friend, Megan for a couple of spa treatments and dinner. I took Norrin over to his grandparents' around 10 am, after he took a walk in the snow. He made it about a block and then he wanted to be carried back. He fell asleep around 1 pm and my appointment wasn't until 2, but Rita kicked me out anyway...she didn't want him waking up while I was there. I went to Babies R Us and got Norrin some more books and a couple of cute outfits (on clearance!). At my dentist appointment, I had my first cleaning in 5 years. By some act of God, I only have one cavity. I'm getting that filled next week at the same time I getting my permanent crown for the root canal. I also have minimal bone loss in my teeth...another miracle. I do have some seriously sensitive gums though...I flinched when she put the suckey thingy in my mouth. All in all it was the best, most gentle cleaning of my life. Then, I had some time to do a little Target shopping...a new toilet paper holder, some snack foods, a new pair of jeans (also on clearance!) before I headed over to Spatini to meet my girlfriend. I got a deep tissue massage that was heaven and a facial- also heaven :). It was relaxing and wonderful. Then, we went to dinner...we wanted to go to Toscana, but they were closed (something was wrong with the roof) so we went to Carrabba's. I had a glass of wine and caught up with Megan (its been forever since we went out...without Norrin distracting us). I got home by ten and both my boys were asleep. It was such a nice day and I didn't realize how much I needed some "me time". I owe Rita and Todd big time :)! This morning, my lil guy was happy to see Mommy and he attached himself to me like glue. I decided I would try to take a shower while he played with some toys in his nursery, but Norrin wanted to join me in the shower instead. I got a new foamy, sticky mat so he wouldn't slip and he played at one end of the shower while I washed up at the other end. He stayed in the tub, which I filled with a little bit of water, and I finished getting ready. After that, he nursed himself to 10:30 am. I have to say I'm a little shocked by that. I'm not expecting a long nap though. Maybe he's just rationing out the sleep today.

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