Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Why would anyone this precious fight sleep so hard? And don't you just love his hair :)?

I don't know what happened to my lil angel. Norrin has been having all out tantrums lately. I mean turning blue, high pitched screaming, puddle of tears and snot, head banging tantrums. I have tried picking him up and holding him...he arches his back and acts like I'm trying to rip out his heart. I try putting him someplace safe and soft (for the head banging) and leaving the room, but it just doesn't stop. He's so determined to have a full out breakdown and I'm at the end of my rope with it. Todd got home from work and Norrin didn't want me sitting down for dinner and he didn't want me to play with fact, I don't know what he wanted...he lost it to the point where Todd told me to just go that's what I did. And all I can think is what the hell?!? I'm running out of parenting books to read, so I'm really, really hoping this is just a phase and that there will be no permanent damage. Okay, and with that said...on to today's adventures. Today was My Gym. The morning started off with Norrin being up at 7 am, so I made cheesy eggs for breakfast. Todd made the big mistake of helping himself to some M&M's in front of Norrin and that started tantrum number one. Norrin did not appreciate his father "sneaking" M&M's (not sneaky enough, in my opinion). So, Todd yelled sorry as he ran out the door on his way to work...uh huh. Norrin had a blast at My Gym, as usual, but there were at least three tantrums. One when a little girl wouldn't give him the one ball he wanted in the entire ball pit, one when it was time to clean up and one last all out tantrum when it was time to go. He passed out in the car and I thought this was going to be the longest nap should see how much energy he puts into his tantrums...its exhausting. Anyway, he slept for half an hour :(. Since he was up and since it was 56 degrees outside, we played in the yard for about an hour, then took a walk around the block. Norrin saw two dogs and I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of his day. I fed him dinner around 6 pm, then Todd came home around 7 pm. There were probably at least four tantrums for reasons I'm not really able to pinpoint. Mommy wasn't in the correct room, Mommy wasn't playing with the right toy, Mommy wasn't sitting in the right seat...I don't know. So, Mommy was pretty happy to see Daddy...but the only "break" I got was about a total of ten minutes. Todd brought Norrin up for his bath and Norrin pitched enough of a fit in the tub that, even after a few minutes of calmly playing with him, he would not relax and since that's the whole point of a bath, we took him out. After that we spent about an hour getting him dressed, reading him stories, letting him say goodnight to everything we could see out our bedroom window, brushing his teeth...and we snuggled into bed and for at least ten more minutes that damn child fought sleep. He tried "reading" his books in the dark, he climbed back and forth between me and Todd, he tossed, he turned...and then, he just stopped. It was so sudden I couldn't believe he was asleep...and he was asleep before 9 pm! I still feel like I should tiptoe in there and double check. The sad part is Todd and I are trying to get a routine going. We've never had a routine with Norrin. If we felt like bathing him we would, whenever he wants to go to sleep is fine by us, one nap or two, whatever. But we're starting to feel like we're the only parents who let their kid fly by the seat of his pants and he does get a little too overtired at night...which encourages more tantrums. So, we thought let's try a relaxing routine and see how it all works out. Well, if tonight is any indicator, our "routine" is just a warning sign for Norrin and its going to be like giving him a heads up about when he should fight his hardest...but I'm willing to give this whole thing a try. And if it doesn't work, I'm writing to Dr. Sears.

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