Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Rest of Our Day

Norrin took a two and a half hour nap...probably because it was a rainy, sleepy day. When he woke up, he watched a lil TV with Bob. Bob is Norrin's doll. I had it made especially for him and while he's not dragging it every place he goes, Norrin likes to compare bellybuttons and he gives him lots of kisses. We named him Bob because that was a word that Norrin used frequently for everyone when he started we knew he wouldn't have a hard time saying it :).

I attempted to take some pics of my knitting projects for my site on Ravelry. The baby blanket is a constant work in progress, but I like that I can leave it for a couple of weeks and then pick it back up whenever I'm in the mood.

Norrin likes to practice his break dancing moves in the middle of my squares.

This is a wool diaper cover I'm working on. I'm loving the way this is turning out and since I'm always exploring new and exciting ways to cloth diaper my baby, this is right up my alley.

For dinner tonight, we had spinach and cheese quesadillas...Norrin loved you can see :).

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