Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I had to work on Easter Sunday, so I only have a few pictures courtesy of Da. Before I left for work, I hid a dozen Easter eggs with one or two M&M's in them. I also set out a small basket with a chocolate bunny, a t-shirt for Todd and a book for Norrin. Todd said Norrin loved his egg hunt. Once Todd showed him how to find the eggs, he had no problem doing it on his own. He also loved his book, which is a pop up book called Easter Bugs...Norrin lifts the flap of different eggs and finds different pop up bugs. He hasn't destroyed it yet...give him time. I picked out his Easter outfit with instructions for Da to get him in it right before leaving for Grandmom Milligan's house. Todd said he slept for a good three hours at Grandmom's, had a great dinner, was spoiled by his family in general and was an all around happy lil man. I wish I could have been there.

Sleepy man.

Awww...such an angel.

Norrin and Uncle Jim

Mr. Cutey Cute

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