Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Lazy

Our weekend:
One of Norrin's many injuries

Ooooo...sidewalk chalk!

Looking cute in his new hat.

Drawing with Da.

As the days get warmer, I'm getting lazier about updating this blog. I'd much rather spend almost every second of my free time outside...even on hot days like today (86 degrees!). Of course, I've realized that I've also gotten very lazy about updating Norrin's baby book and that this has become sort of a baby book, so I better give it a little attention now and then :). Norrin has become quite the daredevil and with that, there has been many injuries. While Grandmom and Grandpop Milligan were watching him this weekend (Todd and I went to a wedding), Norrin planted his face into their stairs. He now has a lovely scrape right between the eyes. The next day he scraped his knees running down the sidewalk at top speed despite many warnings from his mama about not letting his body get ahead of his feet (suddenly not so sure I care for shorts...even on super hot days). And last night, he planted his face on our stairs and ended up putting a tooth through his lower lip. The funny thing is he climbs on the most unstable surfaces, tightrope walks the back of the couch, tosses his whole body from the bed over the back of a desk chair and rarely gets hurt. When we ask him to walk up the stairs to get ready for bed- instant injury. Its amazing. Anyway, I've included a few pictures from our weekend. As Norrin gets bigger...and faster...I'm finding it pretty difficult to get a good picture. He has some moments where he's willing to ham it up a bit, but the rest of the time I'm just hoping he'll hold still long enough for just one shot of something adorable that he's doing. Silly Mama.

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