Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lots of Pictures

Not a lot of words today...yesterday Da (as Norrin calls him) took off from work. After breakfast, we all climbed into our big family bed and spent the late morning-early afternoon reading, knitting and was bliss. Then, we went to the Please Touch Museum for some crazy, chaotic family fun. It was a great day with my boys :).

Chunky baby feet...I love them!

Playing with the ducks.

Splish Splash!

Kissing an elephant.

Riding the elephant...with a little help from Mommy.

Rocking out on the xylophone.

A moment of rest...

Before he bounces on some storybooks with a golden egg in hand...hmmm, never thought I'd ever say something like :).

The chaos at the train table...Norrin eyeballing everyone waiting to get his hands on just one train car.

Da was wrangled into building some tracks.

Norrin likes to help.

Hanging out in a log.

Helping a caterpillar move around the leaf.

Up the slide.

And down.

This morning...wardrobe compliments of Grandmom Rose.

Coloring is fun!

What a pretty picture!

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