Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Little Artist

Since Todd and I were artists in our past lives and both feel a great need to be creative, we have just about every kind of paint, crayon, marker, colored pencil, etc. in our house. As a result, every day has been spent creating something with Norrin. And as a result of that, well...let's just say Norrin is now bathed every day. I've unburied an old table and left it in our dining room (there's plenty of room for both tables). The old table is black and can take a beating...or in this case, hides every medium that doesn't make it exactly on the paper. I've also strung up a wire and have been clipping Norrin's artwork on it. He loves seeing it displayed and it certainly "dresses up" our extremely white wall. Anyway, below are pictures of our little artist.

Dressed in marker...washable marker.

No, that's not blood...

Norrin's first time using paints.

Note the intense concentration.

I think he likes it.

His great masterpiece.

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