Friday, April 3, 2009

Not Sleeping

I woke up this morning at 4 am. My head was filled with happy thoughts and the pending work weekend and knitting projects and pretty much anything I could think of to think about :). This is not unusual for me...I'm a horrible sleeper...always have been. When I was little, I used to pretend I was afraid of the dark. My mom would leave the sewing room light on (which was directly across from my room) and I would lean over the edge of my bed and read in the thin line of light. Sometimes she would be working in her sewing room and I didn't dare risk being caught reading, so I would just listen to the sewing machine...its a soothing sound to me and I'd fall asleep, looking forward to seeing what she had created. I'm no expert with a sewing machine, but I'm getting quite good at wielding my knitting needles. Will Norrin feel the same sense of calm when he hears my bamboo needles clicking :)? The past eleven days have been so wonderful. It genuinely upsets me to have to return to ruin the ebb and flow of our days. And now that the weather is getting nicer, it makes it harder to leave my little boy. I love our walks, his wonder at the world around him, his need to scoop up dirt on one side of the fence and shove it back into the yard where he thinks it belongs. He's getting so verbal and is working on sentences. His favorite game is "Where's the..." Last night it was "Where's the ball?". He'd ask me three or four times and I'd tell him I didn't know and ask him if he knew where it was and he'd point and say "there it is". His speech is barely recognizable, but as the person who spends all day with him, I'm catching on...and he is just so proud when we have a conversation that we both seem to understand :). He also loves to share food with us. It doesn't matter if its spicy, has a weird texture, whatever...he's gonna have what we're having. Sometimes I make him his own little platter, but he's most content sitting on my lap and eating off my plate. I have no problem with this...its just one more moment of snuggling, a moment of sharing, a moment of connection. As you can see, I'm going to miss my little family this weekend. Todd and I compliment each other so well as parents. We take turns playing with Norrin, we take turns changing diapers and feeding him and soothing him when he gets an ouchie :). When we're together we switch off seamlessly and share the joys (and occasional pains) of parenthood. There's also the stolen moments...quick, Norrin's in the living room, give me a smooch. There's been numerous times that Norrin has "caught" us kissing...he laughs, pulls us apart and grabs hold of me, claiming me as his own. Just three days...seems like nothing, but feels like an eternity.

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