Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warm Weather

Our family has been taking total advantage of these past few warm days. I believe the weather is going to change tomorrow or Thursday, so we really have been living it up. Yesterday I set up a baby swimming pool in the morning. I also planted some flowers in our very broken chiminea (sp?)...makes for a very interesting plant pot. Norrin and I enjoyed a juice pop in the heat and sun...so refreshing. Then, we went in for lunch and a nap. After his nap, the baby pool had been thoroughly warmed by the sun...we spent at least an hour in there splashing about...yes, I climbed in with him :). When Da got home, we opened a bottle of wine, I made guacamole and we grilled some burgers (veggie for me). Norrin insisted on having his own wineglass, so I put some fruit juice in it and he was so proud to be sipping from the same kind of glass his parents were...with a little help, of course. We stayed outside pointing to the stars and moon, snuggling on our patio furniture and just enjoying the evening air. This morning Norrin was ready to go outside again. We splashed around in his water table, blew away the dandelions and had some peaches. It has been such a great start to our day. After we came in and had some lunch, I put him in the shower with me. I've been layering on the sunscreen so much that we were both in need of a scrub down. I tried something new on my hair- baking soda followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. I hate using grown up hair products in the same tub as my child...in fact, I'm not too fond of any sort of unnatural cleaning product...and all the "natural" hair products have left some weird waxy buildup. As I was reading a few of the blogs I like to read, I found that one of the lovely ladies was scrubbing her hair with a little baking soda, rinsing it with the vinegar (1 tablespoon in 1 cup of water) and using some more watered down vinegar as a detangler. So, I gave it a try...yes, I smell very, very faintly of vinegar, but I have to say my hair feels very, very soft. And for the first time, brushing it out was not a disaster. It detangles better than anything I have ever used. So, we'll have to see if this is my new routine. They say the vinegar smell fades as your hair dries, which better be the case...I don't think I can stomach smelling like vinegar all day :). I think tonight's meal will have to be served outside again. It was a truly wonderful way to spend our evening.

Norrin's dandelion

Eating some peaches

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