Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

Now I'm the kind of person who avoids the news. I don't find the news to be very uplifting. They tend to tell you all the tragedies and then throw in a human interest story just to try and mellow you out, but by that point, its too late. I'm sucked into the doom and gloom and I question why in God's name did I choose to have a child in this craziness? Yesterday was different though. Our TV, like many TV's, was tuned into the Inauguration of Barack Obama. Besides, not watching the news, I don't tend to express my political point of views...I feel its personal, like religion. However, this man is so inspiring. He doesn't paint a pretty picture, he knows there's lots of work to be done, but he believes in this country and the diverse people who live in it. I don't expect him to completely clean up the mess of the last eight years, but I know he can get the ball rolling. All I had to do was look at the crowds of people that gathered in Washington. There were people of so many different cultures and so many different backgrounds and they had all gathered together to support our new president and with that, our country. How could you not be hopeful when you see that many people joining together for a common goal? Anyway, Norrin didn't find it too cute that the whole day was spent with the TV on and no cartoons. And he slept through the one outing we had for the day...Todd's trip to the doctor's to have his back injected. And while he's too young to understand the significance of our new president, I hope his life will be better for it. I know I'm ready for a lil change :).

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