Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes...A Week Has Gone By Without An Update

Pictures taken by Todd:

Norrin climbed the top of a big ramp...just to check himself out in the mirror :).

Norrin swinging on the rings...they had me put my hands over his, but he held on with a strong grip all by himself.

He liked it when one of the instructors rocked him on this giant half circle teeter totter thing.

He also liked rolling the multi-colored barrel around the room.

Norrin on the slide...what fun!

This was Norrin's face when they told him that it was time to clean up.

After a short period of pouting, Norrin tried to help clean up by finding the biggest and heaviest thing in the room...the turtle sandbox they dump the toys in :).

So, Todd was off from work today and we both took the lil guy (AKA Norrin) to the My Gym in Langhorne. Of course, before we went there, we had to stop at Panera for it! They have such a delicious breakfast and they aren't so crowded that Norrin can't run around like a little lunatic while we wait for our food. Norrin refuses to sit in a high chair...he will calmly eat his breakfast as long as he's on a regular chair like Mommy and Daddy. And most importantly, their coffee is fabulous...just what we needed before our hour of fun at the My Gym. Norrin had a blast just like last week and Todd loved seeing him in action. He was particular funny about things today. Its only his second time there, but he thinks he owns the place. We had to sign him up for the next nine week session, which officially starts next week. Its a great place for him to run out some of his energy and its great to see him interact with other adults and children. He passed out in the car about five minutes after we left, which is good since Todd and I had to go to King of Prussia Mall. Both of us needed shoes for work. We had lunch in the food court (not the best, but what did we expect from a mall?), I picked out shoes in less than half an took Todd a little longer, but his shoes have to be nice looking while mine will just be covered in blood in the first week. After that, we got Starbucks and headed home. It was snowing pretty consistently all day and everything is covered and beautiful. Not the best to be driving in, but it still gave our little trip a magical feeling on the way home. Now we're all snuggled in for the evening. Norrin and Todd are watching the Incredibles...until it gets to all the gun shooting at the end...I don't think our 15 month old needs to see that. Tomorrow Todd needs to go to Holy Redeemer for a cortisone injection for his back and I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday, so today really was our only fun day :).

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