Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today's Adventures

Norrin covered in our "paints".
The masterpiece

The artist having a grumpy moment.

The snow outside our window.

Today was the snowstorm...not quite the storms we have in good ol' upstate NY, but it made everything pretty and quiet...for a lil while. I baked some more bread (Oatmeal Molasses Bread) and Norrin and I did some finger painting. I used vanilla pudding with food coloring in it for the various colors. One of the girls at work gave me the idea for that and it worked marvelously. Rolo ate more of the pudding than Norrin did, but Norrin definitely won for being the one wearing the most pudding :). Todd came home from work early and we had a calm and quiet night at far. There were two major falls today. Norrin fell off our bed while he was trying to push Scout off. He just kept pushing and pushing until there wasn't any more bed left and Norrin, Scout and the comforter all went falling to the floor. And as quick as I usually am, I couldn't move across the room quick enough. Then, at dinner, he fell off a chair. He insists on being a big boy and sitting on his own grown up chair, but then he gets it in his head that he wants to stand and the next thing you know, he falls. That wasn't really a major injury...he didn't hit anything, just scared himself. He sat for the rest of his meal :). Now he's playing with Daddy. He had a late afternoon nap so we aren't expecting much of an early bedtime. We'll see...sometimes he surprises us. Top Chef is one serious TV addiction. Above are some photos, but I don't have any of today's bread. It was so good that we just ate it all up before I could take a picture.

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