Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prep For The Storm

So, everyone is talking about some sorta ice storm for tomorrow. Now, I have noticed a slight tendency to exaggerate here in Philadelphia (or they just have the tendency to get the weather completely wrong), but I'm in a cooking/baking mood, so I'm spending my day prepping warm, snuggly, and hopefully, delicious meals for my family :). One of the truly fabulous people I have met, Jen from PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) gave (yes, gave) me a breadmaker and I am giving it a try. I've started really basic just to see what its like by using a cheese and herb pre-packaged bread mix. If its as easy as everyone says, I might try a more complicated from scratch recipe. The bread will hopefully go nicely with the vegetarian chili I'm making for dinner tonight. Warm bread, hot chili...total comfort food :). Now all I have to figure out is what's for dessert. Norrin has been a lil devil today. He went to sleep around 7:30 pm last night, so I was expecting an early wake-up...which we got at 7 am, so not too bad. However, even the slightest shift in his hours can make for one grumpy lil boy. So, he spent the morning being high needs...which means he insisted I sit next to him while we watched Sesame Street and when I wanted to make breakfast, he needed to be held ("Uppa, uppa!"). I don't mind attaching him to me because I can see him taking in everything I do and it gives him a little bit of joy being able to "help" Mommy. Nothing makes him smile as much as when I ask him to push a button- on the toaster, the dishwasher, wherever. Its pretty cute to see how pleased with himself he becomes. Then, after two or three breakdowns over little things (and one minor injury-how he got it in his head to run face first into the wall, I'll never know), he finally went down for a nap. And if its a quality nap, I'll get my lil angel back :).

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