Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank Goodness The Kid's A Talker

So, I survived my dentist appointment...barely. Dr. Lubin was super sweet, but I was a total wreck. It took multiple injections to make me numb, he waited a full fifteen minutes before starting, then I started crying, so he waited until I got through that, then I couldn't breathe because I had stuffed my nose all up, then he had to inject more once he got into the tooth because (surprise, surprise) I had two nerve branches and until he got into the tooth he could only numb one nerve branch. I can honestly say that everyone in that office, as well as the doctor were fantastic. I have a serious phobia and they were so patient and so kind to me. I will still have palpitations, but I made it through the first step. And now, I hurt. My mouth is sore and my tooth still aches (probably from all the stupid injections). I was warned that I would be sore for the next couple of days, but this house has never been so quiet. Tylenol and ice have been my friend and I'm living on some super mushy foods at the moment...oatmeal, anyone? I don't think Norrin liked the silence very much because he talked and talked and talked until he passed out last night. He was so chatty that when he stopped, it was so sudden that I reached my hand over to check his breathing :). Today is the start of three 12 hour shifts, so I'm hoping to keep my talking to a minimum (bet there are many people who never thought they'd hear that from me). Its not like I can ice my jaw too frequently in the OR...I'm lucky to get a bathroom break. Other than that, Norrin had a great time with Rita. She took him for a walk in his stroller, despite the cold and windy weather. He loves to be outside. When I got back, he acted like I wasn't there for about five minutes, then he shot Joseph a dirty look (my mommy is here now, so I'm kicking you to the curb) and ran into my arms. Norrin is in such a funny stage. He throws tantrums when we don't understand him (again I wish I had stuck to the sign language), but if I explain stuff to him, he's less resistant. He hates his carseat, but if I tell him where we're going and how long it will be, he acts like he's interested and doesn't fight me as much. Unless he's overtired...then all bets are off. Well, I better get going...Norrin and Todd are on their own because this mama has to work (yuck).

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