Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday's Adventures

Yesterday was lots of fun. Norrin and I went to My Gym to try out a class in his age group. This place is pretty amazing. They have a ball pit, two slides, a well padded trampoline and padded things of all shapes and sizes for the kids to climb all over. At the beginning of the class, they do a warm up where the kids sit around in a circle with their parents...that lasted about five seconds for Norrin before he made a break for the ball pit. The teachers piled up square padded thingys for them to climb on and under, they pulled out foam wedges for them to roll down, they hung up swings that attached to the ceiling, they filled a sandbox with toys...I mean it was amazing the amount of fun they fit into an hour. They play music during the whole class and Norrin was dancing all over the place. He also decided climbing up the slide would be quicker than taking the stairs...when he got halfway up, he turned around and slid down. He loved the ball pit and was handing out balls to everyone in and around it...such a good lil sharer :). He screamed and laughed and ran around with kids his own age and it was just such a great time...then we had to go. Norrin tried to scale the gate that separates the lobby from the playroom and when he realized that he wasn't getting in, he threw himself to the floor and just cried and cried. When he realized that Mommy wasn't going to let him in, he tried to use one of the benches to scale the gate, but the benches don't move. Finally, in one last ditch effort, he ran away from me every time I tried to put his coat on. I had to actually grab ahold of him and wrestle him into his coat. I didn't even make an attempt on the shoes. And as soon as we were out the door and into the carseat, he fell asleep in less than five minutes. When we got home, Norrin "helped" me put the laundry away. The above picture is the stylish look he threw together when he dragged a pair of Todd's boxers out of the drawer. He also took a pair of my underwear and draped that around his wrist like a bracelet, but I wasn't able to get a good shot of that. After he was done dressing up in his parents' undergarments, we went downstairs to play in the kitchen. I set up a mini-waterpark with trays and bowls and spoons and Norrin has a blast while I get some cleaning done. Then we did a lil reading...and I entered him in the Beautiful Baby Search on Regis and Kelly :). My dad has been saying since the day he was born that I should enter him in that contest and it just seemed like something fun to do. They win money towards college if they're in the top five and 10 semifinalists win Gerber products (and I never turn down free food). I'm not expecting much...just because I think he's a beautiful baby doesn't mean America will feel that way. They say they want "happy babies" and I can't think of anyone happier than Norrin. That child laughs at everything...much like his mother :). And that was our day.

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