Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday's Adventures in Cooking

As I said yesterday, I was on a cooking and baking spree...Norrin was my lil helper and everything turned out delicious. When Todd got home, we had bread and chili. Norrin ate more bread than chili, but the chili wasn't too spicy so he had no problems sharing with Mommy. After that he had a cheese stick (his third of the day). Then, Todd gave him a bath while I made hot chocolate for us. Norrin has no interest in the hot chocolate, but he insisted we share the Chocolate Mint Milanos with him. That pretty much destroyed any cleaning he received in his bath. We watched Kung Fu Panda...Todd and I enjoyed it more than Norrin, but he likes animals and it held his attention far better than Top Chef or Jeopardy does :). I'll post later all our snowy day adventures.

Cheese and Herb Bread...please note my "lil helper's" hand.

Vegetarian Chili- YUM!

Happy little helper.

Cookie face!

All clean now.

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