Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Trip to NY

So, this was our third trip to visit my family since Norrin turned one...gluttons for punishment :). It was actually the easiest trip so far. I think it was a combination of the DVD player and Todd. There's nothing better than a couple of Baby Einstein DVD's and a very entertaining Daddy to get a kid through a long car ride. Norrin would spend the first two hours awake and watching DVD's (on the way up to NY at night) or reading books (on the way home during the daylight hours) and spent the last part of both drives sleeping. It was really relatively pain free. Our first day, Norrin played with Colleen (see pictures below) then my mother and I went shopping while Norrin napped then played with Daddy and Wayne. Apparently, Wayne was talking too loud while Norrin was trying to watch TV, so Norrin yelled at him. The next day, we took Norrin to the Children's Museum of Troy...Grandpop Boyling came with us and it was lots of fun. Its a small museum, but it had reptiles, fish, turtles, horseshoe crabs, owls and all sorts of things that kids could get their lil hands on. The building is shaped like a circle, so Norrin loved running around the circle. On Saturday, we took Norrin to the local Barnes and Noble. It was just an attempt to get out of the house. Grandmom Rose spent a small fortune on children's books, but she needs to keep her collection current for Norrin and Colleen. And on Sunday, we spent a short time at Grandpop Boyling's again before getting on the road. Norrin was great with Colleen (no pushing, hitting or biting). He was in love with his Uncie Holden (aka my brother, Thom)...no one, not even Mommy, existed when he came in the room. He handed out kisses to all his grandparents. It was amazing watching him in action. Such a friendly little guy.

Norrin and Bob the morning before our trip to NY.

Norrin and Colleen digging through Grandmom Rose's hamper full of toys.

Colleen, Grandmom Rose, Mommy, Norrin and Uncie Holden.

Snuggling with his uncle.

Trying to scale the gate to get to the stairs...didn't have much luck with that :).

Showing Colleen how to play with his fridge toy.

Miss Colleen standing tall.

Mommy and Norrin

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