Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Nice, Simple Day

Today was one of those days that just had a nice flow to it. We woke up and went about our day. There was our daily walk followed by the sharing of a spinach and swiss cheese omelet. Lots of quiet playtime and time for knitting :). A trip to Target followed by a long nap. A nice dinner and a trip to IKEA...where we met Jay from Season One of Project Runway! Yup...just a regular day in the big city :).

Wake up, little sleepyhead.

Helping Mama with the dishes.

He takes his work very seriously.

Probably should give him less water to work with next time :).

Love this t-shirt from Aunt Maren...its 2T size...so its been fitting him for about a year :).

Soaked down to his Fuzzi Bunz...we get him to smile by asking him to say "Cheese".

Time for a snack, Mama.

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