Saturday, March 21, 2009

At The Zoo

Last weekend, while I was at work, Todd took Norrin to the zoo. It was a mild day and as we have all learned, Norrin loves to be outside and active. He also loves animals so this was a genius idea on Todd's part. This is only a small sample of the pictures Todd got. I couldn't believe how many animals were out...lions, giraffes, elephants. However, it seemed like Norrin enjoyed the statues the most (probably because he can pet them :)).

Outside the amphibian house.

Chasing a peacock.

Bear! Growl!

Where's the bear's nose, Norrin?

Pet the bear nice!

Best buddies.

Back in the stroller for a snack- a lil breastmilk, a few yogurt melts...and a french fry?

Mmmmm...french fries are good.

The end result of a day at the zoo :)

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