Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Lil Boy Is Getting So Big

So, Norrin weighs in at about 30 pounds now and is no longer fitting even remotely comfortably in his 12-18 month clothing. He is 17 months old, but his short lil legs have kept him consistently in his 12 month pants well past his first birthday (while his long body has put him in 18-24 month shirts). That is not the case anymore. He has hit one heck of a growth spurt and he's starting to make his 18 month pants look like he's waiting for a flood. In fact, yesterday I was trying on these absolutely adorable sunhats...and Norrin's gigantic cranium only fits in the 3T-4T size!!!...its amazing he doesn't topple over more frequently sporting such a giant head :). Other signs that my lil boy is getting bigger is how independent he's become. He plays by himself for longer periods of time (I can get an entire sink of dishes in the dishwasher most days), he insists he can walk up and down the stairs by himself, he knows how to open the XBox, put in a movie and close it back up (of course he has no idea how to work the DVD remote). However, the biggest sign was that he didn't want to nurse all morning. This is the first morning that he just wanted to cuddle when he woke up. Then, he had some juice and scrambled eggs. Then, we went to Target and came back home and it wasn't until 11:30 am that he decided he felt like nursing. I felt like I should have offered, but truthfully the lil guy has never had a problem fishing around in my top for what he has determined is his :) and I feel the need to let him grow up at his own pace...not rush him to wean or discourage him from weaning himself. I don't think our nursing relationship is coming to an end...he still nursed himself to sleep at nap time...but I think its going to take on a new schedule. Hopefully, I'll be able to let go :). Of course, today could have just been a fluke...you never know.

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