Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday's Adventures

Today I got it in my head that I would take Norrin to AC Moore for some stickers. He has one sticker book where the stickers don't come off and its very frustrating to him that he can't move them around. Plus I really needed to pick up a row counter for my knitting. Well, AC Moore is a very dangerous place for me...I would buy half the store if my budget allowed. I love creating things and that store is full of ideas. I found a great little sticker book for Norrin that has pages like wax paper so he can put the stickers on and take them off until there's no stickiness left. I got a few different sheets of stickers. I also found dinosaur magnets and alphabet magnets and some really cute yarn for a possible project. Then, Norrin insisted I buy him a woolly mammoth figurine and what kid shouldn't have a woolly mammoth to play with? When we got out of the store, I nursed Norrin to sleep, placed him gently in his car seat and got about halfway home before I realized I forgot the stupid row counter. Norrin took a three hour nap, despite the transfers to and from the car seat. When he woke up, he saw the dinosaurs on the fridge and proceeded to run all over our first floor with a dinosaur in each hand, making roaring sounds. Then, I showed him the sticker book. That was a total success. Half an hour of total concentration on his book and the stickers. He even yelled at Rolo when he got too close to his "work". Then, I put the alphabet magnets on the fridge. At first, he put them in his mouth and spit them across the room (his daddy performs that trick with his blocks, so I know exactly who's to blame for that one). Then, we practiced saying the letters. Since Norrin is into parroting us, he actually did really good...there wasn't a chance in hell of me getting him to say "W", but he's great at the vowels. After Todd came home from work and we had some dinner, we went to Target for a few things. Norrin loves the trips to Target when both parents are involved. Todd will shop for what he needs while I run after Norrin and then we switch. Norrin gets total freedom and we get to do a little leisurely shopping. I've noticed over the past two days that Norrin says two words very consistently..."no" (because what 16 month old doesn't love that word) and "cool" (because Mommy uses it to describe just about every new thing she shows him). Despite a very active day, Norrin fought sleep right up until 11 pm. Todd was on the computer pretty late and Norrin doesn't go to sleep these days until both parents are in the bed. Then, right as we're trying to relax and get some rest, Rolo and Scout decided to pick a couple of loud cat fights. Of course, once Norrin finally focused on going to sleep, he was out cold.

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