Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Morning

The mornings have been getting a little bit warmer, so it was the perfect day to play outside. I finished knitting my first sweater for Norrin and knew that the temperature would be just right for him to try it out :). I also got a bird feeder about a month ago and didn't get a stake to hang it from (or any bird seed for that matter) until last night. So, all the stars aligned and we went out to play. I couldn't get the stake into the ground (I'm small and apparently not so mighty), so Todd had to help me out. After that, we tried to say goodbye to Daddy because he had to go to work, but Norrin had other ideas. When I held him up to the window to give Daddy kisses, he dove right in. Needless to say, Norrin had a bit of a fit when Daddy left without him, but we took a walk around the block and touched all the trees and bushes, pointed out numerous cars and even saw a squirrel. Another sad moment when it was time to go in, but Norrin hadn't had any breakfast and his mood can shift dramatically when he has an empty tummy. We had spinach and swiss cheese omelets...yummy.

Norrin's new sweater.

Love it!

Daddy trying to help out Mommy.

Out of the way, Daddy...I got it.

Showing Daddy how its done.

Norrin has decided he's going to drive Daddy to work.

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