Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Week

This was a busy brother, Thom came to visit, so I just had to fill almost every second with activity. We took Norrin to the Please Touch Museum on Tuesday. They have so much cool stuff for the kids to play with and its set up for every age group. Norrin loved "painting" the roses in the Alice in Wonderland exhibit. He got completely soaked in the water exhibit while playing with ducks and boats. He just loved all the things to see and touch. It was a great experience. Then, we made a trip to Friendly's. Norrin insists on sitting with his parents (no stinkin high chair for our kid!), For dinner, he ate less than half his cheese quesadillas, but seemed to enjoy sucking ketchup then salsa off a french fry that he stole from Daddy. Todd got a chocolate fudge brownies sundae...Norrin seemed to like that part of the meal the most. I wasn't surprised when he didn't settle down and go to sleep until almost 11 pm :). Most nights we play with Norrin's sticker books. He's trying really hard to get the stickers out without his parents' help. He's getting pretty good at getting them off, but he prefers to stick them to our arms rather than place them in his special sticker book. And on Thursday, we went to IKEA. Thom wanted to shop and as I've said before, they are so super kid-friendly. In between all these outings, we spent a good two days outside. The weather has been so beautifully mild and Norrin loves to walk around the block. He also helped his uncle collect pine cones for Margot (a pet bunny rabbit). Norrin's love of the outdoors is really encouraging me to try a garden this year. I have a rather black thumb, but it would be good just to dig in the dirt with my son.

Painting the roses.

Sticking magnets on a metal cylinder at the transportation display.

Splashing in the baby duck pond with his uncle (move your arm, Thom).

More splashing...Norrin was soaked.

Post-dessert at Friendly's.

Daddy got even for all the stickers Norrin sticks on him...we were still picking them off the next morning :).

In the ball pit, at IKEA.

Love that smile!

Eating lunch at IKEA.

I love how Norrin sticks out his tongue when he's concentrating...just like his Daddy.

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