Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Snowy Day

Sunday night into Monday was our first night home from our NY trip and man, did I miss our bed. I didn't sleep well at my mom's house and now I know why...our bed is absolute heaven. We spent a lot of money on our new mattress and it was so worth it! So, it snowed and Todd got out of bed to shovel and get ready for work. I didn't move from my soft, warm, snugly bed until the smell of coffee hit my nostrils (I love my husband...he makes the best pot of coffee). Todd went into work around 10 am and Norrin and I went out to play in the snow. It was beautiful, but there was a pretty serious wind that came with it. I took a few pictures of Norrin running around, but he didn't care for the wind and once his mitten came off and snow got up his sleeve, he was done. Snow makes me just want to stay in the kitchen and bake or cook and fill the house with yummy smells, so that's just what I did. For the record, I love to bake...however, I never stock my cupboards properly for any spontaneous baking. After digging and scrounging, I figured out I could make oatmeal raisin cookies and some oatmeal and molasses bread in my bread machine (we have a lot of oatmeal for a family that doesn't eat oatmeal for breakfast...hmmm). The cookies came out pretty good. In fact, Norrin discovered the joy of licking the beaters and even snuck one of them back into the bowl (and got a giant glob of cookie dough out) before I could catch him. They're actually kind of scone-like (probably because I didn't have real eggs and needed to use Eggbeaters), which I like, but Todd wanted them to be sweeter. The bread came out delicious as always and I even took the time to take a picture before devouring half the loaf. As for the adventures of Norrin that evening...well, he's getting pretty good at saying "no" and parroting what we say to him. For instance, he needed a diaper change...the smell was pretty bad...but he was playing. I said, "Norrin, do you need a diaper change?"...he said "no". I said, "Norrin, come here so Mommy can change your diaper"...and he said "no". Then, I said "Norrin, you're sitting in your own poop"...and he said "poop". Uh huh.

The beautiful snow covered neighborhood that we woke up to :).

Norrin in the backyard.

Happy lil snow bunny

Knocking snow off a table in our yard.

Norrin and Mommy

Cookie dough face

The oatmeal raisin cookies...yummy!

Oatmeal-molasses bread...also yummy!

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