Saturday, March 28, 2009

Single Parenting

So, the way our work schedule is Todd and I have more or less set ourselves up to be in the role of a single parent the majority of our time. Then, if we try to add in any kind of social outings...well, things get more complicated. Friday night was Todd's 20 year high school reunion. Friday is also the only day of the week that the bank is open exceptionally late. So, Todd worked until 5:30 pm, came home for dinner and was off to his reunion immediately after the plates were cleared. Now, we are both getting quite good at compensating for the absent parent and last night was no exception. I had a long bath with Norrin, then we made some oatmeal and watched Baby Galileo on TV. Then, we had some quiet reading time followed by the first attempt at nursing him to sleep. He checked Todd's side of the bed three times before I decided we should just get up and have some more quiet playtime. After about half an hour of building block towers and reading four more books, we made another attempt at sleep. Norrin was tired, but restless. I sing to him just about every night- I Know A Place, which my mom sang to me as a kid and Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which has been his soothing song since the day he was born. I had already sang to him during attempt number one, so I didn't make the effort to sing this second time around. Fortunately, Norrin took it upon himself to sing. He lay there and sang off key for a good fifteen minutes, pausing only long enough to wipe his nose...on my hand. Then, he fell asleep. Todd was out really late, then he had to go to work the next morning...Norrin had enough of this nonsense. When I asked him to say goodbye to Daddy, he said, "NO!" and proceeded to pout as Todd walked out the door. During the day, our neighbor was working on his house and the noise made it sound like someone was upstairs...Norrin yelled "Da!" and tried to find his daddy, but Daddy was still at work. When Todd got home, it was like Christmas...that child really missed his daddy. I wouldn't let Todd leave to get us lunch because I knew that would break our lil guy's heart (and we had just gone grocery shopping a couple of days ago). Norrin spent the rest of his day keeping a close watch on both his parents. And I value my partner even more...especially when I see him sitting on the couch with Norrin leaning up against him...a quiet moment between the two people who are my whole world. I had to post the above photo...its an oldie, but a goodie. Todd provides safety and comfort for his son and I know that Norrin gives Todd great peace in this crazy life.

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