Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update

So, after Todd worked on Saturday, we spent the rest of our weekend together as a family...and since I work weekends that doesn't happen enough :). While Norrin napped, we started painting our kitchen. Its amazing what a little paint will do. We got the Freshaire brand of paint because its eco-friendly and has no hideous smell...this was the first time I didn't have a headache after painting. Plus the paint was quality enough to make up for our amateur painting abilities. We got one coat on while Norrin slept. On Sunday, despite the weather being wet, foggy and a little on the cool side, Norrin was ready for his usual walk around the block. This was a special day though because this was the first day Daddy was coming on our walk too. Norrin had a great time showing him the sights. When we got home, Norrin actually climbed into his stroller...he had so much fun he wanted a longer walk...except this time he wanted his parents to do the work :). We took another walk then went home for a late breakfast. When Norrin went down for his afternoon nap, we were able to paint a second coat and even decided to paint our blindingly white backsplash. When Norrin woke up, the day had gone from dreary to sunny and warm, so we took another walk. Todd stayed in this time to work on the painting. When we got back, Norrin and I kept Todd company...we danced in the dining room while Todd painted in the kitchen...unfair division of labor :)? The day took another turn and became dark and gloomy and we even had a bit of a hail storm. The hail scared Norrin...he preferred to watch the storm from the couch, safely snuggled in his Mommy's arms. So, that was our weekend. Our kitchen is now a rosy red and sage green (see pictures below). Its so much warmer and more inviting...I love it! And I had a great weekend with my boys. It was so good that I'm sincerely dreading returning to work and I still have three and a half more days off. I posted some photos of Norrin on one of our walks. He's so active its almost impossible to get good photos these days. I should really just videotape him. He picked the plaid shirt he's wearing. I actually think he was just trying to rip it off its hanger...he finds that oddly satisfying and spends most mornings taking all my shirts off their hangers...whatever, its a cute shirt.

In our front yard...the beginning of our journey.

Close up!

Uhhh...Norrin that's not your ball.

He touched the ball.

Our kitchen before...gotta love that painter's tape.

Another before shot.

Our kitchen after...YAY!

The color really makes our "QUITYERBELLYACHIN" sign stand out...which was totally what we were going for :)


Amy Mae said...

I love the kitchen! Looks good :)

lilpixie said...

Anything was better than what we had :)