Friday, March 13, 2009

Daddy's Day Off

Whenever Todd works a Saturday, he tries to take off a day during the week and that day was Wednesday. We try to do something fun together as a family. Thanks to a suggestion from Uncle Stevie, we took Norrin to Bounce U. For only $8 (parents bounce for free), Norrin can spend two hours jumping around on all sorts of inflatable things and a snack of goldfish crackers and juice is included at the end. At first, Norrin was pretty uncertain...he clung to me like a lil baby monkey. But after some careful observation, he spent the rest of the time running around like a rambunctious lil freak. Since everything is bouncy....obstacle courses, slides, boxing was very hard to take non-blurry pictures. But we had so much fun!

Norrin in the dodge ball course...all the kids just wanted to bounce...there was no official dodge ball game :)

Norrin claimed one of the dodge balls as his own...he spent a good chunk of time running around with it...some kids have security blankets...Norrin prefers a dodge ball.

Norrin and Daddy bouncing.

Norrin kept climbing in and out of the course...he liked the wedge...he thought it was a mini-slide.

Norrin and Mommy at the bottom of a huge slide...see the video at the was steep and scary, but Norrin loved it.

Norrin and Daddy

Norrin and Daddy

Norrin and the giant boxing gloves...they were so big and heavy...he couldn't pick them up, so I can't imagine people hitting each other with them.

Norrin and Daddy on the slide.

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